EUROCELL – a name standing for perfect cleanliness and Hygiene

Not only leading breeders know it. Eurocell convinces with practical cleansing and hygiene products applying to multiple Areas. Our specialty products for the food producing industry have shown to be efficient especially in large-scale livestock farming.

All Eurocell products meet highest quality standards. This is premium quality, giving the user the security of having chosen the best possible for the best results in breeding – at the same time meeting the highest international standards of contemporary environmental protection.

The agricultural products of Eurocell are lasting and support breeders in reaching their economic goals.

Our suggestion: Try and profit!


Proven special products for agriculture.

Recommended by leading breeders!


udder wipes:







• fomaldehyde-free pulp
• creeped structure
• for dry and wet cleaning



Hühnerkrepp Kükenpapier











• growth-enhancing
• reduces injuries
• self-dissolving


piglet mats:







• prevents body temperature reduction

• highly absorbing and slip resistant

• reduces injuries


All our products are 100% bio-degradable


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